Spray Bottle

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The perfect companion to a Norwex mop collection!
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  • Features & Benefits
    • Help your family breathe easier by reducing the use of harmful chemicals from aerosols and other scented household products
    • Spray Bottles are perfect for cleaning with our Norwex Microfiber and water only.
    • They are great for diluting concentrated, enzyme-based products like our Odour Eliminator.
    • They’re also perfect for diluting Norwex Essential Oils to impart a light, fresh scent in your home.
    • Handy throughout the house:
      • Fill one with water for use with your Norwex Mop System
      • Fill one with a mixture of water and Odour Eliminator for the bathroom
      • Fill one with a mixture of Norwex Essential Oil and water to lightly scent the air in your home
      • Keep one near your Household Package cloths to quickly mist windows and get other surfaces clean and shiny